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Beta Launch

After a few months of intense planning, coding and testing I’m proud to say that DeckReport is open for business (well, sort of:). We’ve started to sign up beta users and will be doing it for the next few weeks.

DeckReport is the ultimate board management solution. Boards of directors are notoriously hard to manage. It’s a pain. One reason is that there is always a difference of power between investors and management, another is that there is a whole bunch of small annoyances that are hard to coordinate and as they usually only happen every few weeks, it’s never routine. This is where we think DeckReport can make a difference.

DeckReport provides:

  • a single tool for all board of directors’ information management: decks, action items, meetings and KPIs
  • one dashboard for all companies that you’re involved with – advisor, board member or manager
  • customizable templates for board decks, ensuring past comparability
  • one unified archive for all board related information
  • action items management for all board participants
  • live presentation tool, optimized for web and iPad access

DeckReport should become a single point resource for all your BoD activities. All your decks are stored at DeckReport and you always have the right version at your fingertips. Action items from the meetings are managed and never forgotten. You’ll never have to deal with different versions of PDFs, text documents or PPTs again. No confusing updates, and last minute changes.

For all those of you who work with several companies in various roles, you’ll have a single dashboard with well organized information from all companies you work with. For CEOs, you’ll be able to control access, delegate tasks, create decks and manage your board efficiently. For board members you’ll see when your next meetings are due, which action items you still have to take care of, and dive into the decks and information from the past.

So, why can’t you just use PPTs and email? You can! You could also use just paper and telephone, but you don’t. Every time you’re frustrated due to miscommunicated information or a wrong version of the deck, you lose time and money. DeckReport is designed to minimize the frustration, making every minute count and improve BoD’s efficiency. You want BoDs to run flawlessly, concentrate on issues and not on the form. DeckReport makes it happen!

Think of DeckReport as your dedicated board of directors assistant in the cloud!

Signup at at for the beta access, but please allow a few days for the invitation. We’re pacing the roll out and try to be as diligent as possible.

Over the past few months we’ve been careful to design what we think should suffice to show the possibilities in the realm of BoD management. We’d be grateful for any input you can give is, be it bug reports, comments or suggestions, so please don’t be shy and let us know what you want, need or frustrate over when working with your BoD!

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Introducing DeckReport

Running the board efficiently is hard for CEOs, founders and even for investors. There are just too many things that can go wrong. Investors forget their action items, can’t find the deck and often juggle too much information to digest it properly, CEOs and founders often struggle with the deck, scramble to compile information by the deadline and often forget about the big picture. In short, first few meetings are a mess, and the rest often cost too much in terms of spent resources to deliver what a board should do in the first place: steer the company in the right direction.

That’s why we decided to design a board management solution that takes away all those small, yet important annoyances. DeckReport is an online platform that replaces customized board decks and endless email exchanges. It brings transparency and comparability to board reports, thus allowing directors to focus on real business issues by reducing data interpretation frictions and endless conversations.

Investors can engage with all of their companies through a single account, be notified of new decks, news,  pending action items and upcoming board meetings. All data has a time dimension so it’s easy to browse through different topics and quickly glance how it evolved through time. CEOs get a single point where all data gets stored distributed and coordinated. They control who has access to what and when. DeckReport comes with a set of carefully designed tools that significantly streamline the effort needed to produce the next board deck, manage action items or coordinate the board meeting.

DeckReport goes into a closed beta in November with a planned public launch in January of 2011. We invite you to share your ideas and top features that you would expect from such a service. Some of them are already listed under our features section.

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