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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DeckReport?

To coordinate a board meeting takes time and effort – creating board decks, sharing them with investors, reminding them of action items, making sure that participants know where the last version of the deck is and what the key topics for the next board meeting are. DeckReport streamlines this activities in one work flow. You only have to sign in and you immediately have overview of your next board meetings, open action items, past decks and KPIs. It takes care of all the little annoyances that your personal assistant would take care of, if only you had one!

What does DeckReport have, that we cannot do with email and slides?

Consolidated dashboard for all your action items, possibly across companies, coming and past board meetings, templates, and timelines for all elements of the board deck. It coordinates activities over all companies you might be involved with in one place. It takes care of the board decks’ versions and tracks KPIs for each company online. Basically it is a one stop shop for all your board activities, regardless of how many companies you might be involved with.

I like it, but what’s the model? Is it free?

Nope, it’s a subscription business. A startup pays a monthly subscription for an unlimited number of users they authorize to access the data. We do offer free trials.

Privacy, security? We’re not publishing our most sensitive data on the internet?

We’re very sensitive to that. Your data is safe and secure. In fact it’s probably more secure than sending decks using email. However if you really want to be safe, you can always anonymize your startup and data using non-descriptive names. We just provide the infrastructure, we don’t care about the content.

We’re a startup, what’s in it for us?

Templates of board decks so you won’t have to create board decks in the last minute anymore. We take care of scheduling, remind you of pending board meetings and distribute the data according to the authorizations you set. You can easily assign action items to a board member during the meeting and those assigned action items appear on their dashboard every time they sign in. You’ll never have to deal with a board member that lost his board deck in the email, looked at the wrong version or forgot about a board meeting or action item!

We’re an investor, what’s in it for us?

You can track all the startups that authorized you to access their data. You have one dashboard for all startups, action items, and one schedule for all board meetings. You can easily access past board decks and KPIs of each company you track.

We don’t want our investors to have computers open on the board meetings!

Sure, we don’t like it either. However DeckReport is not a presentation tool, it’s a board management solution. You can print out the decks, or use it on your iPad. More importantly it helps you engage your board members between the meetings and not just at the meeting.