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  1. Efficient board management and presentations

    DeckReport is the first structured platform for efficient board management. It allows you to collaborate and communicate better with your founders, investors and directors. You may be a single founder, super angel or a VC, but you’ll never have to search for that board deck or company data again.

  2. One place to get everything

    You can access all your projects and companies through one account. The companies authorize you to access their data, participate in the reports flows and own action items. All news and data is at your disposal, while important stuff, schedules and news surface to your dashboard. Everything secured and protected.

  3. Customize deck with templates

    We bring a set of predefined pages to choose from and you can add your own. By using and adapting DeckReport’s templates, your board reports gets professional presentation through structured content and you can spend more time focusing on running your business. Board members can easily compare them and management can focus on delivering the message without worrying about the form.

  4. Track those KPIs

    Every company is measured and compared through KPIs, so set up and track yours. Set them up and then let your directors, coworkers and investors access the data. You’ll never again have to explain how you perform.

  5. Action items management

    You’ll never have to remind your director about that promise from the last meeting. Action items can be created in a jiffy, after which DeckReport starts to track them and remind owners about pending tasks before the next board meeting. And they appear on your DeckReport dashboard.

  6. Show me the numbers!

    Tables and charts for numbers, so reporting of financial, usage and other data is as easy and familiar as in your spreadsheet. Numerical data is time aware so you can track it in time, create charts for trend analysis and add them to your dashboard for fast access.

  7. Track plans easily

    Charts work great for presenting numeric data, but not all information can be represented that way. Gantt charts are perfectly suited to track product roadmaps, marketing plans and other planed activities and clearly communicate progress at board meetings and amongst the directors.

  8. Control distribution and access control

    With DeckReport you publish once and distribute the deck to all participants. Users are notified of tasks assigned to them and of a new report they are authorized to see. Access level can be controlled, so you can authorize your accountant or assistant to compile and enter the data, while only directors may view the deck.

  9. Look in the past

    You can travel back in time and see how plans changed, a particular topic evolved and what was reported a few months ago. No more searching through your email for the board decks and reports.

Take a tour of DeckReport