The Board Management Solution

A Tour of DeckReport

1. Single dashboard for all your board activities

Manage your board of directors from a single dashboard. On a single DeckReport view you can easily track all pending action items from past board meetings, schedules of upcoming meetings and all board decks that have been distributed to directors. If you’re involved with more than one company you get a consolidated view of all your companies.

2. Streamlined deck creation with templates

Use predefined templates to build your deck. You can select standard topics or create your own template to suit your needs.

DeckReport allows you to delegate each topic and distribute board reporting. It’s easy to delegate all financial pages to your CFO or accountant, sales reports to VP of sales and technological roadmap to CTO. They’ll get a notification and be reminded of their responsibility and the CEO will always see who is late with their report.

3. Distribute the deck and run the meeting

When all data is ready, the deck is distributed to all participants with a single click. No more lost emails or versioning problems. The deck resides in the cloud where only directors can access it through their dashboards.

The deck is ready for presentation and optimized for tablets like iPad, so it’s very easy to participate in the meeting on or off-site. DeckReport comes with a uniques support for action items management, where directors get assigned action items during the meeting and the action items are managed automatically, shown to individuals on their dashboard and recapitulated at the end of the meeting.

4. Manage the board and all related activities

In DeckReport you are in control who can access the data by assigning them in different roles.

You have an ability to schedule board meetings and announce them upfront. Relevant participants will notified and reminded about the upcoming board meetings or pending decks that are due for a particular meeting.

Action items that are entered during the board meetings are aggregated on the Action Items panel where everybody can easily see their status and possible delays.